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LTNO was a rock band formed in the beginning of the 1980's in Normandy, France. They supported Muse at French gigs in January 2000 during their Showbiz headline tour. They were originally known as "Les Tétines Noires" ("the Black Tits") before changing their name around 2000. It is possible their support dates with Muse were their first concerts under their revised title. It is unknown which gigs exactly they supported, though they were not at the 01/06/2000 Amsterdam gig and did perform at the 01/10/2000 Lyon gig, the 01/13/2000 Marseille gig, and 01/14/2000 Bordeaux gig. The band dressed up in costume at the Marseille show, including having one of the male members completely naked exposing their member to the whole audience, as well as spitting water all over fans during the show.

Muse fans did not particularly enjoy LTNO, with various reviews from the show describing their performance; "the group in the first part was a shit rock band", "LTNO: I understood nothing to their music, if there is someone who can explain to me, please do!", and lastly "It was monstrous but not in the "cool" sense of the term".

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