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The Psycho US tour was the second tour of the Drones era, taking place in May of 2015. The tours combined are sometimes reffered to simply as "Psycho Tour". The US tour consisted of four gigs. One was a festival performance, another one was a semi-promotional performance at the iHeartRadio Album Release Party and other two were medium-sized theatre gigs. The tour was first announced by the official Muse Twitter account on April 20th, 2015.[1]


This leg of the tour as the first time Muse has played small venues in the states since the Absolution days.

The Groove was played for the first time in the US since 2004. Apocalypse Please was played for the first time since 2008. Mercy was premiered live for the first time at the iHeartRadio show and Drill Sergeant made it's debut also. Lastly, Hyper Music was played for the first time in the US ever.

Support Bands

For the Webster Hall gig, Bear Hands opened for Muse. Plague Vendor opened for the band at the Mayan Theatre. As the KROQ gig was part of a festival, eight acts played before Muse, including Of Monsters And Men, Awolnation and Panic! At The Disco. No opening acts were present at the iHeartRadio gig.

Stage Design and Production

As the tour was small, the stage set up was kept very simple and minimalistic. Apart from the KROQ gig, no backdrops or LED screens were used. Light shows were kept relatively simple too.

Morgan's light-show station from The 2nd Law era returned for the tour, as did the silver upright piano.

The band got updated jumpsuits, which were all black as opposed to jumpsuits in the Psycho UK Tour having red accents on the sleeves. The jumpsuits also looked much lighter and airier.

Typical setlist

Two main setlists were present during the four gigs; a longer 16-song one and a shorter 10-song one.

Short setlist:

Long setlist:



  • On the longer setlist, Hyper Music was added to the setlist after Uprising as an additional song at the Mayan Theatre gig after fan requests from the crowd.


Date Venue Location
2015-05-08 Webster Hall New York City, New York
2015-05-09 iHeartRadio Theater New York City, New York
2015-05-15 Mayan Theatre Los Angeles, California
2015-05-16 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Irvine, California


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