Paris Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy 2003 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy[1]
Date 18th November 2003[1][2]
Location Paris[2]
Country France
Songs 20[2][3]
Support Cave In[source?]
Start (UTC+1) 20:00[1]
Capacity 17,000[4]
Price (EUR) 34.00[1]
Sold out? Unknown


After Apocalypse Please Bellamy "Bonsoir Paris!"[5]
After Hysteria Howard "Merci Paris".
After New Born Bellamy "Merci. Thank you very much".
Before Thoughts of a Dying Atheist "The thoughts of a dying atheist".
Before Showbiz "Merci. ... This next song is especially for you".
After Space Dementia "Merci."
Before Endlessly "This next song is called Endlessly".
After Endlessly "Cheers, thanks". [laughs] [?] [laughs]
After Feeling Good Howard "Merci Paris. Thank you very much".
Before Butterflies & Hurricanes Bellamy "This song's new. This song is called Butterflies & Hurricanes".
After Butterflies & Hurricanes "Merci".
Before Bliss "[To crew] Yeah. [?] Cheers. [?] It's out of tune? [laugh] [?] old age [?] What song's next? Er, it's erm, wait a minute, there it is. The long version yeah? Everyone got that? The long version?"
Before Blackout "Merci beaucoup!"
Howard "Thank you very much".
Bellamy "This song is for lighters, you know, arenas. Take them out, this song is called Blackout".
Before Stockholm Syndrome Howard "Merci Paris".
Bellamy "Thanks very much for coming, you're the best crowd in Europe! Thanks very much for coming. This last song is called Stockholm Syndrome!"
Howard "Cheers, [?]. See you next year".
After Stockholm Syndrome Bellamy "Merci!"

The show

Except the performance at Dundee in 2006 when Bellamy didn't play the melody of verses at the guitar, this the last known performance of Sunburn when the whole song was play at the guitar.


An audience recording in mp3 format can be obtained here[registration needed].

You can listen to it here [1]



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