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Translated review of the 2000-01-14 gig at Krakatoa, Bordeaux.

Muse Concert Chronicle

Krakatoa, Bordeaux

14 Jan 2000

Written critique on January 20, 2000 by Bea

MUSE, an English trio who has talent and who proves it by a generous and passionate stage presence.... The Krakatoa welcomed them triumphantly, it was complete, and they did not disappoint us, they amazed us by their power and upset us with their beautiful ballads, and that voice........ that voice that flew high and that makes this young singer a worthy successor to Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley.... And yes the influences are very transparent, but it is forgivable because they are really talented ...

First band: LTNO: I understood nothing to their music, if there is someone who can explain to me, please do!

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