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European Tour, 2010

All the information you need to prepare yourself for the concert of the year.

From the promoters of Muse’s gigs, Live Nation, they assure that the stage for Muse’s concert at Vicente Calderón stadium next 16th June is “the most stunning ever seen in a rock concert”. As Matt Bellamy advanced in the interview, the stage will be inside a giant structure half pyramid and half UFO. So, the three impressive blocks that were seen in the last tour risk to be forgotten soon. Muse webpage (muse.mu) is very active and any fan or anyone who’s going to Madrid’s concert should stop visiting it. Among other things you can vote for the setlist… The band has a prepared setlist , but will put the three songs most voted by the followers.

Go ahead: The first concert of the European bootleg is in Lisbon’s Rock in Rio, on the 27th May, but to know more or less what’s going on we have to wait till the next date: 2nd June in Bern (Switzerland). The day after there will be videos posted in Youtube. In muse.mu you can follow the dates of the gigs.

The cast: Muse is composed by three members: Matt Bellamy, who sings, plays the guitar and piano; Dominic Howard on the drums; and Chris Wolstenholme is the bassist and does the choruses. In Youtube there’s a video where they interchange instruments during a playback in an Italian TV show, whose host didn’t know who was who. The played Uprising and afterwards, as Dom had “sung”, the host interviewed him as if he was the singer.

Top moment: The intro and the posterior subsequent of the band in the stage. ¡You can’t be late!

Right now: As Matt says in the interview, it’s most likely that soon a DVD of their North American tour is available. Whilst, the best you can do to prepare for the concert – even though the show in Madrid will be far more superior – is HAARP (2008), the DVD (and CD) of their mythical performance of the 16th June 2007 (just three years before Madrid) in the Wembley Stadium.

Verdict “RS”

Show: 225%

Innovation: 200%

Setlist: 100%

The stage of Muse’s gig

Muse comes to Madrid with their The Resistance Tour and make a manifesto of their epic rock power with an stratospheric show.

Discography List of their albums edited officially and their publish dare in the UK.

Showbiz: 3rd October 1999

Origin of Symmetry: 17th June 2001

Absolution: 21st September 2003

Black Holes and Revelations: 3rd July 2006

The Resistance: 14th September 2009

Stage In their previous tours and after a musical introduction, Muse appeared, each of them, in the middle of spectacular towers similar to skyscraper. They play 5 meters from the floor during Uprising and Resistance. With New Born, the third one, the inferior part of the structures would go down to the stage and stayed this way during the rest of the concert. This three towers covered by hundreds of led lights acted at the same time as screens.

Besides the spectacular towers, what can be enhanced are two things:

1) Amplifiers cannot be seen. 2) The promiscuous use of green lasers that crossed all the enclosure and that came out from every corner of the stage. At the beginning, even from Matt Bellamy’s hand.

Members of the band Dominic Howard (Stockport, England, 1997): drummer Matt Bellamy (Cambridge, 1978): Muse’s front man; sings, plays the guitar and the keyboard. Chris Wolstenholme (Rotherham, 1978): Bassist and in charge of the choruses.

Place Vicente Calderón Stadium North Zone Date: 16th June

The last band who played in this stadium (with a capacity for more than 50 000 spectators), Atlético de Madrid’s “home”, were AC/DC (200) and Rolling Stones (2007).

The European Tour Even though the details remain unknown, Muse have confirmed they will use a huge pyramid as a stage.

The tour’s crew 159 Staging team 34 Production Drivers 36 Production Team 77 Assistants 8 Helium spheres 6

Special effects: Lasers OPS

Located in the circle: 3x12 Watt

Under the bunker: 2x12 Watt

Under the stage, looking up: 1x10 Watt

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