Frankfurt Festhalle Frankfurt 2012 (gig)

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Muse performing at the MTV EMAs 2012
At the red carpet
Muse show
Venue Festhalle Frankfurt[1] [en: Frankfurt Festival Hall] (MTV Europe Music Awards[1])
Date 11th November 2012[1]
Location Frankfurt am Main, HE[1]
Country Germany
Songs 1
Support None
Start (GMT+1)
Capacity 13,500
Sold out?

A special live performance in support of The 2nd Law.


Announced on the 2nd of October 2011, Muse performed inside Festhalle Frankfurt during the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012.[1]

This was Muse's second performance at the MTV EMAs, the first one being in 2006, when they performed Starlight. This was also the first performance in Frankfurt since 2001.


The performance was broadcast live.[1] It can be seen here.

The red carpet interview with Bellamy can be seen here while the interview with the whole band can be seen here.



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