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This page contains a list of all known performances of Do We Need This. If you believe you own the recording of a performance on this list, please consider including it in the Uno Live Database performance preservation project (email :

Showbiz era


# Date Venue Location Link
3 2000-01-08 Exo 7 Rouen, France


Note: Due to years prior to 2000 having many incomplete setlists, performances will not be numbered.

Date Venue Location Link
1999-08-18 The Borderline London, UK
1999-08-04 Elbo Room Chicago, IL, USA
1999-07-23 Zodiac Oxford, UK
1999-07-20 Lomax Liverpool, UK
1999-07-19 Cavern Club Exeter, UK
1999-07-08 100 Club London, UK
1999-06-23 Cavern Club Exeter, UK
1999-06-21 Varsity Wolverhampton, UK
1999-06-19 Roadhouse Manchester, UK
1999-06-18 Joiners Arms Southampton, UK
1999-05-29 The Garage (supporting Feeder) Glasgow, UK
1999-05-27 The Riverside (supporting Feeder) Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
1999-05-18 Barfly (Radio 1 Evening Session Tour) London, UK

Pre-Showbiz era


# Date Venue Location Link
1 1997-03-31 Cavern Club Exeter, UK