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Hello! I am QuietProtag (also known as luigiman09, or by my real name, Félix). I live in Canada, and English is actually my second language.

I have a Twitter bot called Muse Lyrics & Facts, where multiple facts from this wiki and lyrics from the band Muse are tweeted.

I make contributions here from time to time.

Gigs that I went

Date Venue Location Rarity/Highlight
2019-03-30 Centre Bell Montreal, QC, Canada Take a Bow
2017-07-16 Festival d'été de Québec Québec City, QC, Canada Stockholm Syndrome
2016-01-21 Centre Bell Montréal, QC, Canada Citizen Erased

Songs I saw live

Songs in bold indicates my favorite songs.

Song 2016-01-21 2017-07-16 2019-03-30 Live Count
[Drill Sergeant] No Yes Yes 2
[JFK] Yes No No 1
Algorithm N/A N/A Yes (2x)[1] 2
Assassin No No Yes[2] 1
Break It to Me N/A N/A Yes 1
Citizen Erased Yes No No 1
Dead Inside Yes Yes No 2
Dig Down N/A Yes Yes[3] 2
Drones Yes (2x) No No 2
Houston Jam N/A N/A Yes 1
Hysteria Yes Yes Yes 3
Interlude Yes Yes Yes 3
Isolated System Yes Yes No 2
Knights of Cydonia Yes Yes Yes 3
Madness Yes Yes Yes 3
Map of the Problematique Yes No No 1
Mercy Yes Yes Yes 3
Munich Jam Yes No No 1
New Born No No Yes[2] 1
New Kind of Kick N/A Yes No 1
Pray N/A N/A Yes 1
Prelude Yes No Yes 2
Pressure N/A N/A Yes 1
Propaganda N/A N/A Yes 1
Plug in Baby No Yes Yes 2
Psycho Yes Yes Yes 3
Reapers No No Yes[2] 1
Resistance Yes Yes No 2
Revolt Yes No No 1
Starlight Yes Yes Yes 3
Stockholm Syndrome No Yes Yes[2] 2
Supermassive Black Hole Yes Yes Yes 3
Take a Bow No No Yes 1
The Dark Side N/A N/A Yes 1
The Globalist Yes No No 1
The Handler Yes No Yes[2] 2
Thought Contagion N/A N/A Yes 1
Time is Running Out Yes Yes Yes 3
United States of Eurasia Yes No No 1
Unsustainable No No Yes 1
Uprising Yes Yes Yes 3

That's pretty much it about me!

  1. Both the regular version and the Alternate Reality version was played.
  2. a b c d e Shortened; part of the Metal Medley.
  3. The Acoustic Gospel Version was played.