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Muse song
Name Easily
Album/single Starlight CD (2)
Length 3:40
Alternative titles Easily Forgotten
First live performance 19th August 2017
Latest live performance 19th August 2017
Recorded New York Avatar/Electric Lady Studios - 2005/2006
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Rich Costey


Information and Description

Another powerful bass b-side and one of Matt's favourite songs. [1]

Easily was ironically easily forgotten by the band until just before the London Shepherds Bush Empire 2017 gig when they mentioned it in an interview with Annie Mac. Due to fan pressure in the time leading up to the gig, Easily wound up debuting live at this gig. According to Matt at the gig, he wanted Easily to appear in Black Holes and Revelations but it didn't make the final cut due being recorded just a little too late after the recording sessions for Black Holes had finished. The bass and the drums were recorded first and then Matt added the vocals and the guitars later. It was never performed or even rehearsed together as a band until the 2017 performance.


Easily is the B-side to Starlight. It surfaced August ~10th as a ~20 second clip from a person known as Mr X, the file was tagged as "easily_forgotten". On the 15th, another file surfaced on Muselive.com, protected by a code which was left for people to solve. This was eventually solved, revealing a 30 second clip along with another message within a plain text file informing that "Mr. X" will be back the following week. In an AIM chat using qua@aol.com, Matt was asked who "Mr. X was", and replied it was someone from the record company.[2]

The song was leaked onto YouTube the day before the release date. The song's lyrics seem to describe a near-perfect sexual experience that cannot be forgotten.


Easily was never a live candidate for the band. Muse performed Easily so little that even during recording sessions the song was never once played as a full band. It wouldn't be until London Shepherds Bush Empire 2017 that Easily would make its live debut after Matt highlighted the song as an example of the kind of obscure songs fans request to hear live. While it has now made its live debut, whether or not the band will bring it out for another performance had yet to be determined.

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Oh ...

Let your inhibitions go Make every touch electrical When you're feeling beautiful Will you remember me?

I want to touch you deep inside And find the secrets that you hide When your fears are cast aside Will you remember me?

Easily forgotten love Easily forgotten love It's not so easily

I just want to let you know My mind refuses to let you go I wanna hypnotise you so You will remember me

Easily forgotten love Easily forgotten love It's not so easily

Easily forgotten love Easily forgotten love Easily the best I ever had Easily the best I ever had

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