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Well I supose I might as well make myself a page.

My name's Tyler, I'm 17 and I live near Tampa, in Florida.

I've been a Muse fan for about three years, and there finaly comeing here, it's just to bad it's with My Chem.


Not much right now, but I'm working on it.

Set List

Set list of my dreams:

1. Plug in Baby

2. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

3. Rueled by Secrecy

4. New Born

5. Stockholm Syndrome

6. Falling Down

7. Feeling Good

8. Take a Bow

9. Bliss

10. Crying Shame

11. Hyper Music

12. Assassin (Grand Omega Bosses Edit)

13. Muscle Museum

14. Micro Cuts

Encore 1:

15. Fury

16. Exo-Politics

17. Space Dementia

18. Citizen Erased

Encore 2:

19. Hysteria

20. Knights of Cydonia