Toulouse Bikini 2001 (gig)

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Matthew Bellamy in Toulouse
Signed ticket
Another ticket
After-show pass
Backstage party
Backstage party - Matt with Hilary from JJ72
Muse show
Venue Bikini[1][2]
Date 21st April 2001[1][2]
Location Toulouse[1][2]
Country France
Songs 15[source?]
Support JJ72[1]
Start (UTC+2) 21:00[2]
Capacity 1,000[source?]
Price (FRF) 110.00[2]
Sold out? Unknown


After Citizen Erased Bellamy "Merci beacoup" (thank you very much).


A recording in mp3 format is available here[registration needed] and here.



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