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Hi - I thought I should add a few notes about the changes I made to the Rush page here. It should be obvious I'm a fan, who gets annoyed at lazy journalism such as the "('70s progsters)" dig inserted by the Australian interviewer, not Matt. Yes, Rush did help to define a certain kind of heavy Prog in the 70s, and were influential on the likes of Dream Theater. By 1981 the music had changed drastically, and they had more in common with The Police than neo-Proggers like Marillion or IQ. They've hardly stood still since, so you can immediately dismiss any simple pigeon-holing or labelling.

I could point out specific Rush-influenced bits in Muse recordings - such as the intro of Knights of Cydonia, described by one Rush fan as "2112 meets Dick Dale", or Dominic's drum fills on Map of the Problematique, which strongly reminded me of Scars (from Presto). More important, IMHO, is a shared progressive (forward-looking) attitiude, which is not to be confused with a style called "prog".

If you're looking a single Rush album that speaks most clearly to a Muse fan, I would say Grace Under Pressure (1984) - it's rather dark and dystopian, with songs about World War 3, concentration camps, and robots escaping oppressive regimes!

Obviously, there's a fair bit of Opinion in what I wrote, but I think I've tried to be fair. I will say that Rush fans are good people to have on your side; the way Rush has been misunderstood over the years, we have few problems seeing through the lazy journalism surrounding Muse. 8) Stereoroid 11:13, 16 September 2006 (BST)