Taipei City Chung Shan Soccer Field 2007 (gig)

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Promotional poster
Muse show
Venue 中山足球場 Chung Shan Soccer Field[source?] (Spirit of Taiwan[1])
Date 28th February 2007[1]
Location Taipei City[source?]
Country Taiwan
Songs 17[2]
Support ChthoniC, Strike Anywhere, punkgod, The Plastic People Of The Universe, Tizzy Bac, Akiakane, LTK Commune [3][source?]
Start (UTC+8) 21:00[source?], 12:00[source?] (doors)
Capacity Unknown
Price (TWD) 1,200 (online), 1,500[source?]
Sold out? Unknown

First Muse performance in Taiwan (and only to date).

Soldier's Poem and Take a Bow were in the set list but weren't played.[2]

Dominic Howard was presented with the NME award for Best British Band during the Stockholm Syndrome outro as seen at the NME Awards 2007. A video of this can be seen here: (watch).


At least six songs were recorded by SOUSOUS and can be found here in mp3 format. These are Hysteria, Map of the Problematique, Apocalypse Please, Starlight, Bliss and Stockholm Syndrome. A full recording is available here in mp3 format.



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