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Muse show
Venue WaMu Theater[1][2], Qwest Field Events Center[source?] (Deck The Hall Ball[1][2])
Date 15th December 2009[1][2]
Location Seattle, WA[1][2]
Country USA
Songs 11[source?]
Support 30 Seconds to Mars, Metric, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Visqueen [1][source?]
Start (UTC-8) 17:00[1], 16:30[3] (doors)
Capacity Unknown
Price (USD) 44.50 + booking fees[1][2]
Sold out? Yes[1]

On the official forum in October 2009, Muse were rumored to be playing at a Seattle radio show.[4] Soon enough, a link to the promoter's we site was found [5] which listed Muse to be playing KNDD's Deck The Hall Ball.[6]

Three pre-sales all took place from 10:00 on 2009-11-12 until 22:00 on 2009-11-13. One by AEG, one by The End, and another by the venue.[1] The general sale started at 10:00 on 2009-11-14.[1] Tickets were sold out by 20:00 on 2009-11-15.[7]

Local fans were able to text the word "Deck" to 46150 to receive Deck the Hall Ball information and opportunities to win tickets.[3]



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