Madrid Palacio de Deportes 2006 (gig)

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Bellamy in Madrid
Muse show
Venue Palacio de Deportes[source?]
Date 27th October 2006[source?]
Location Madrid[source?]
Country Spain
Songs 19[source?]
Support Poet in Process[1][source?]
Start 22:00 UTC+2 (Muse), 20:45 UTC+2 (Poet in Process)[2][source?]
Capacity 16,000[3][source?]
Price 33 EUR[4][source?]
Sold out? No[source?]

The gig was confirmed on 4th July.[5] Ticket pre-sale was from 1st July 2006 to 12th July. Tickets went on general sale 13th July at 10:00 UTC+2.

The City of Delusion trumpet solo was played on a melodica by Nicholls[6]. The lyrical variation in Starlight was present.


Bellamy said in Spanish "¿Cómo estáis Madrid?... La próxima canción se llama Starlight" ("How are you Madrid?... The next song's called Starlight").

Howard said "How's it going out there Madrid?" before Bellamy's attempt of speaking Spanish mentioned above. After Matt's failed speech, Howard appears to have said "That's... pretty good".

Before Knights of Cydonia, Bellamy said "¡Gracias Madrid! Thanks very much for coming down, it's been a great pleasure", and after the song he said "¡Muchas gracias!" (Thanks very much!). After that, Howard said "Gracias Madrid! Cheers! You guys rock! Good to see you, so this is it!"


A recording of Knights of Cydonia from this performance appeared as bonus with the digital pre-order of Knights of Cydonia, available from the official Muse download store.[7][8]

SOUSOUS recorded the whole gig using a MiniDisc recorder. First, Bliss, Invincible, Starlight, Stockholm Syndrome and Muscle Museum were shared. These were initially available from an unlinked folder on his web site, these were later uploaded to, and are available here. A year after, the rest of the gig was shared and can be obtained here.

Some YouTube videos were remixed into asf containers and along with two videos uploaded to [1] by 'KoBe' and have been uploaded to, available here.


YouTube uploaders

  1. 'Israpasc'
  2. 'IsmaelVieira'
  3. 'kubrikus'.

Another video of some of the songs has been uncovered on Google Video here. Using KeepVid, this video can be downloaded in either an avi or an mp4 container.


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