Luxembourg Den Atelier 2001 (gig)

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Matt in the aftershow of Luxemboug
Muse show
Venue Den Atelier[source?]
Date 20th May 2001[source?]
Location Luxembourg[source?]
Country Luxembourg
Songs 16[source?]
Support Feeder[1][source?]
Start Unknown
Capacity 800[source?]
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

First Muse performance in Luxembourg.


After Micro Cuts, Bellamy said "Thank you". After New Born, he said "Cheers [...] Thank you very much". After Showbiz, he said "Thank you". He said "Um, Feeling Good" before Feeling Good, and afterwards he said "Thank you", and Howard said "Thank you" too.

Bellamy said "Cheers [...] Thank you very much indeed" after Sunburn. He said "Thank you" again after Unintended followed by "Hate This". He said "Thank you" yet again after Hate This & I'll Love You. Howard said "Citizen Erased" before starting said song. Bellamy said "Thank you" after Citizen Erased. After Muscle Museum, Bellamy said "Thank you very much", and Howard said "This song is called Bliss - we'll see you later".


An audience recording is available here in mp3 format.



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