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"So, tentatively, and with the inherent awkwardness that comes with performing in a small room to an audience of five who could make or break your career, a heavily jet-lagged and hungover Muse began their set. They got through 'Cave' and 'Muscle Museum' before Oseary stopped them. "You don't need to play any more," he said and offered them a deal. He'd later describe the experience as "extremely powerful and beautiful". Despite Oseary clearly being enraptured with the band, and ready to do business without any concerns that the UK market had failed to show much interest in them, Muse and their management begged him to hear more of their planned six-song set. He asked to hear 'Cave' and 'Muscle Museum' again and confirmed "we can do business". (53).

Out Of This World: The Story of Muse by Mark Beaumont

--K2baby (talk)