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Muse song
Name Intro
Album/single Absolution (1)
Length 0:22
Alternative titles Intro to Apocalypse Please
First live performance 25th October 2003
Latest live performance 24th July 2008
Recorded Grouse Lodge, 2003
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Rich Costey



Lots of stomping, fading in and leading into Apocalypse Please.

Additional information

Features the band and Thomas Kirk stomping,[1] with vocals towards the end by Paul Reeve.[1]


Whispering, voices, and voices through transmitters can be heard throughout the track.


Some interpret the vocals as

'Sieg heil ... Marsch!'

Which translates means "Hail [to] victory... March". "Sieg heil" was a common chant at political rallies during the Nazi Era in Germany.


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