Vienna Gasometer 2003 (gig)

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Ticket for the Show
Muse show
Venue Gasometer[source?]
Date 25th October 2003[source?]
Location Vienna[1]
Country Austria
Songs 17[source?]
Support Cave In[source?]
Start Unknown
Capacity 4,200[source?]
Price Unknown
Sold out? Yes[source?]

The balloons were released during Bliss.


After Apocalypse Please Bellamy "Thank you! Cheers".[2]
After Hysteria "Woo!"
After New Born "Thank you Vienna. Cheers".
After Sing for Absolution "Cheers. This next song is Thoughts of a Dying Atheist".
After Space Dementia "Cheers"
Howard "Thank you. This next song is called Endlessly".
After Endlessly Bellamy "Cheers".
After Feeling Good "Cheers, thanks, thanks very much. We're gonna play another song off our new album now. This song is called, uh, Butterflies & Hurricanes".
After Sunburn "Thank you. Cheers".
After Muscle Museum "Cheers".


The show was broadcast by a local radio station, "97.9 FM - Das Soundportal", on the 2nd November 2003.[2] This broadcast was streamed from in 128kbps mp3 format.[2] Someone dumped this stream, but instead of splitting the files losslessly, said user decided to convert them to wav before splitting and then re-encoded the recording to 192kbps mp3.[2] This copy has thus suffered generation loss.[2] Said copy can be found here[registration needed]. The broadcast did not include Plug In Baby or Stockholm Syndrome.[2]



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