Grouse Lodge Residential Recording Studios

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Grouse Lodge Residential Recording Studios

Is a studio in where Muse recorded songs for Absolution.

Recording Studios

Grouse Lodge was launched in July 2002 to become the first international residential recording studio with 275 years old buildings, designed by Andy Munro.

Studio One

Studio 1

Designed with size, comfort and natural acoustics for the perfect recording environment[1], the studio is housed in a cut-stone extension, complimenting the existing 275 year old structure at Grouse Lodge.

-Monitors/ Amps Dynaudio M4S 5.1 Main Monitor System w' BM15 Surrounds and more.

-Tape Machines/HD Recorders 24- Trk 2" Analogue (Saturn 824) w'Dolby SR, ProTools HD3 Accel (40 I/O), Mac Pro 8-core, 6GB Ram and more.

-Outboard TC System 6000 Mainframe 5.1, Eventide H3000 DSE Harmonizer, TC 2290 Delay, Yamaha SPX900, Yamaha SPX 90II and more.

-Processors Tubetech LCA2B Stereo Valve Comp./Lim, Summit TLA100A Valve Comp./Lim, Urei 1176 Blackface Comp./Lim, Empirical Labs Distressor matched pair and more

-Hardware Apple Mac Pro 8-Core

-Software Pro Tools 9 and Logic Audio Platinum 7

Studio Two

Studio Two

A first class residential studio available to suit any budget.[2]

-Specs NEVE V-SERIES 36 Channel Console (Modified), Pro-Tools HD2 ( MAC G5), 192 x 2.

-Monitors Dynaudio bm15´s and Yamaha NS10's

-Plug ins Digidesign Rack, Outboard and Oram Sonics stereo compressor.

-Effects TC electronic M5000


Studio Two

Luxurious, rustic accommodation in the country houses. Within the studio complex includes nine double bedrooms in three separate renovated stone outhouses. Each house is a self- contained unit with kitchen, bathroom, 2/3 bedrooms and livingroom with satellite TV/DVD/video games and, of course, large open fires. If additional accomodation is required, Coolatore House is availble.

The house has six spacious bedroooms and five WC/Bathrooms, spacious corridors and landings with vaulted ceilings, a comfortable library, a grand dining room, cavernous living room and a homely country kitchen complete with an aga range.Accommodation

Songs recorded by Muse here


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