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Translated review of the 2000-01-07 gig at Le Botanique, Brussels.

Bruxelles (Belgique) (7/1/2000)

To start, we were lucky ...

By Alan,, 12/01/2000 at 00:00:00

First of all, we had the chance to have one of the most promising Belgian bands in front of us, it was Sharko. For fans of Deussiènes ambiances, I can only recommend this group, very nice on stage and outside. The singer / bassist / guitarist not hesitating to sell and dedicate his album at the end of the concert...

Come on to Muse... grrrrr it was too long... and we were dying hot in this small Brussels room hosting no more than 300 people. Finally around 9:30 pm, the trio made its entrance acclaimed by a more than overheated audience (see above...).

And go on to play explosive pieces, and calm the fans down and warm their hearts by playing Falling Down and Unintended in a row ... hahaha very memorable moments... Matthew seemed at the best of his form and faith of guitarist, he made us feel and especially hear... the aggressive riffs chained themselves as we finished a packet of peanuts... and God knows that it's good peanuts ...

After Muse did not let us go home right away, they came back to the charge playing Escape and, to finish in apotheosis, Showbiz "I'll-bet-you-will-feel-your-ears-whistle-all-night" version... more punk than ever ...

In short, you had to be there and have the hearts and ears well hung ... great!


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