Rome Stadio Olimpico 2013 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Stadio Olimpico[1][2]
Date 6th July 2013[1][2]
Location Rome, RM[1][2]
Country Italy
Songs Unknown
Support We Are the Ocean, Arcane Roots[source?]
Start (UTC+2) 21:00[2]
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Yes[source?]

Announced on the 15th of November, Muse shall perform within Stadio Olimpico on the 6th of July as part of the summer stadium tour.[1] Pre-sale started at 09:00 on the 21st,[3] and general sale at 09:00 on the 23rd.[2]

Before Muse came on stage, a speaker announced (in Italian) that the audio and video recording of the gig will be used on the upcoming live Blu-ray/DVD. Throughout the show, Matt spoke in Italian many times and wore an Italian flag while singing Undisclosed Desires and walking next to the fans.

In an Australian interview two weeks later, Matt said they had to "bribe people with thousands of euros just to be allowed to blast our fire effects. We had to phone the British Embassy in Rome and argue with some official."[4] An investigation was launched by officials into the allegations, which sparked the release of a statement from the band's management saying that Bellamy had been misinterpreted, and that no bribes were made. All relevant legal documentation was shown, and the investigation was closed.[5]



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