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The chaps have been kind enough to answer a few rather unorthodox questions (I get sick of all those interviewers asking the same things), the answers to which you can find below;

Christian, Agnostic, Atheist or other?

Matt - undecided

Dom - undecided

Chris - don`t really know yet

What instruments can you play?

M - keyboards, guitar, voice, clarinet? percussion, loads of stuff

D - drums, bit of guitar

C - guitar, basses, drums, keyboard

What's the best album of all time?

M - greatest hits or something - simon and garfunkel

D - haven`t heard it yet

C - aftertaste - helmet

What are your 5 favourite bands of all time?

M - primus
Jeff Buckley
Rage Against The Machine

D - limp bizkit
smashing pumpkins

C - helmet
Beach Boys

What qualifications did you get at school?

M - A* for drama, mostly B`s and C`s and the odd D

D - A* for art, as above

C - A* music, as above

How did it feel to be working with a guy who worked on "Dark side of the moon", "the Stone Roses", "The Bends", etc.? Intimidating?

M - not intimidating, he`s very mellow...

D - good

C - nice

What motivates you?

M - the search for spiritual enlightenment, and money, women etc

D - to be happy

C - porn

What makes you laugh?

M - harry hill

D - wren and stimpy

C - cheap gags

School days are the best days of our lives. Discuss!

M - no, it bored me... it`s all bad sex, cheap drinks and terrible teaching methods.

D - yes, i reckon they are because you don`t have the stresses of money, career etc

C - no.. not at all, it was fucking shit

Is there any 1 TV programme you simply can't miss?

M - no

D - hardocore non-stop in hotels in germany

C - only fools and horses

What's the best gig you've ever seen?

M - either primus (see below) or rage against the machine (reading 1996) also saw half of the jeff buckley set at reading 1994, very impressive

D - primus at brixton academy, june 1997

C - helmet 1997 suppoting korn in newport

What's the best gig you've played, so far?

M - Paris, new morning, monday 12th July

D - cavern exeter, 26th june?

C - glastonbury 1999

Who would you most like to kick the shit out of?

M - no one you know

D - bernard manning

C - no one you know

Do you feel any pressure to try and sound "less Radiohead"?

M - no

D - no

C - no

What's your drink of choice?

M - champagne

D - JD and coke

C - Tetleys bitter

What do you miss most when you're touring in UK or abroad?

M - privacy

D - nothing

C - girlfriend and baby

The new Star Wars film: do you give a shit?

M - no

D - i read the book, it was disappointing

C - no

Where, in the grand scale of things, do you see Muse being in 5 years time?

M - rich

D - on top of the world

C - playing through nice big PAs

By Matthew George.

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