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Live Vocals


Neumann KMS 105

Matt's choice of live microphone is a Neumann KMS 105. He prefers to use this microphone as it deals with his challenging mic technique (not singing very close to it). The first apparent signs of Matt Bellamy using this microphone are in 2001. Chris Wolstenholme started using this microphone later on probably in the Absolution period. (2003-2004)

Designed with superlative vocal reproduction in mind, the KMS 105 brings Neumann quality to the demanding sound reinforcement environment. With its supercardioid polar pattern, low self-noise and uncoloured off-axis pickup, the KMS 105 complements in-ear monitor systems. By employing a unique four-layer acoustic filter, the KMS 105 minimises popping and wind noise, and because of special mechanical and electrical filters, handling noise is virtually eliminated. Superior resolution and linear frequency response make it very easy for the artist using the KMS 105 to identify whether he or she is "on mic".

The Neumann KMS 105 is used extensively by many large bands and costs around the £400 mark.

As of the 2nd law tour Matt has begun to use a wireless Sennheiser SKM5200 with a Neumann KK 105s capsule as opposed to the KMS 105. However, he still uses the KMS 105 when playing the piano and Chris also still uses it by his pedalboard. Morgan is using a Shure SM57 for his vocal duties


Avalon VT737
Sansamp PSA

Matt's voice goes through three stages when singing live.

  • Normal, standard clean vocal with no effects
  • Through an Avalon VT737 with high gain that produces a "nice valve distorted" sound
  • Through a SansAmp PSA in conjunction with a custom control switch operated by Bellamy to get extreme distortion.

Matt's voice also goes through System 6000 reverbs, a TC delay and a H35000.

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