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Muse fan from Mexico City.
22 years old.
Nickname breakdown: Dom as in Dominic Howard. Crasher as in Ribbon Crasher. (I Have One!) And i like the result.
I'm left handed.
My friends are tired of hearing how proud I am for being at Wembley Stadium on June 16th.
I was on the left golden circle. Screamed Micro Cuts all day until my wish came true.
I wasn't quite happy the first time I saw Muse, it was April 12 Mexico City but I was hoping for Wembley to be my first time.
I have a Ribbon Crasher! Yes i like it a lot.
I play in a band with two guys that also were at Wembley.
We play a lot of Muse covers.

To Do

Scans for the NME wembo article
Complete transcription and scans for the Emo mag article