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Muser name: darthphonebook

New Born: 24th April

Where: US

Height: 5'10", or 177.8 cm

Plays: Guitar, piano, all sorts of percussion

Plays with: anyone who she can find to play with

Bands: none


Yeah... not quite sure what to say about that

Why Musewiki

Previous Wiki-ing

I used to spend large quantities of time on other wikis, such as Wookieepedia, Zeldapedia, Wiikipedia...


I love Muse like I've never liked anything before. well that's not true. I like Star Wars obsessively, too. But not like this. Muse is supreme.

Useless Information

  • I wish I could put pictures in this page
  • I don't have a favorite Muse song, I like all of them
  • I play several instruments but no one ever plays with me
  • I can't sing
  • Birthsqueeze isn't a word...
  • I don't know what to put here