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This is a documentation of any counterfeit Muse media that are sold, in order to help fans avoid fraudulent or bootlegged media.

If you find an item on this list, or any other item you suspect to be fraudulent, for sale on eBay, please read this official notice posted on the Official Muse forum. In addition, read this notice from Muse's management company regarding the authenticity of other Muse merchandise.


Picture Disc

German Cassette

Malaysian Cassette

Origin Of Symmetry

German Cassette

Malaysian Cassette


Malaysian Cassette

Absolution was released on cassette in Malaysia, however, a fake version does exist. The fake version insert completely covers the cassette tape, whereas the genuine version is only partially obscured. It has been identified as an unofficial item due to the publisher being referred to as "Taste Records" as opposed to just "Taste Media" on the insert (view image), and the incorrectly formatted Muse logo on the title sticker (view image). The genuine version can further be identified as it has the Taste Media and East West Records logos on the insert and cassette, and the cassette case has the Warner logo embossed onto it (view image).


Muse EP vinyl

The Muse EP was never released on vinyl, but it has nevertheless appeared in this format for sale (view image). It has the catalogue number DREX 103 and the same barcode as the real Muse EP CD. This is a fraudulent item and has been confirmed as such by both the Muse Management company and Dennis Smith, owner of the Sawmills studio.


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