The Dairy Studios

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The Dairy Studios

Is a studio in where muse recorded only two songs, for the Bliss Single.

The Recording Studio

Studio 1

The Dairy is a recording studio located in a quiet and secluded premises close to the vibrant bustle of Brixton. Consisting of three main studios (with additional production rooms)

The Recording Areas

Studio 2
  • "Studio 1: Neve Room"

Studio One is the largest room and is the natural choice for larger sessions and live bands. The control room houses a 60 channel Neve VR Legend with Flying Faders & Total Recall and provides 24-track tape and the latest Pro-tools HD3 formats as standard.[1]

  • "Studio 2 : SSL Mix Room"

The room is based around a 60 channel SSL E-series 6000. There is a full Pro Tools HD3 rig and a choice selection of old and new outboard. The adjoining overdub booth provides line-of-sight making it ideal for vocal sessions, whilst the spacious size lends itself to overdubbing guitars and other instruments. We have even squeezed a drum kit in on the odd occasion and got great results! There are tie-lines through to the control room and re-amp facilities available.

Studio 3
  • "Studio 3: Vocal/Production Room"

Studio 3 is a vocal/production room with an adjoining vocal booth. There is a full Pro Tools HD3 as well as running Logic Pro 9. Studio 3 also has access to our wide selection of microphones. The adjoining overdub booth provides a great vocal sound, as well as being suitable for other instruments and amplifiers.

Songs recorded by Muse here


  1. Neve Room
  2. Hullabaloo Soundtrack Sleeve Notes

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