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This is the todo template, this will probably need updating to include targets we should be reaching to complete this ever so large wiki project. You probably need to learn how to use tables.


Tasks Requried
A basic Gear section - Daniel assigned, lots of people from Kit and Tab area have now been assigned too, hopefully it will flood with information Update: Most sections completed now

Discography - Crazybobbles assigned, others can join in, this should be so that all the songs and lyrics are filled in so afterwards, all people wlil be doing is editing additional information.

Biography - RaymondM use his biography from Microcuts

A decent page for each band member, Matt, Chris, Dom

Have an idea how we're going to style the gigs section Update: Using table to style gigs, naming convention for each page still needs considering

Perhaps some sly advertisement? (MuseWiki banners etc)

MuseWikiLogo (will roll out as a competition)