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Quick question re "Songs used in" section. Should we add Guiding Light there (maybe with a studio only tag) as it's the guitar we see him record the solo on during the Making Of Resistance film? (you can check here: )

Santa? I've never heard it being called santa :/

I'm pretty sure it isn't called the Santa.

And why does Matt keep abusing this guitar? It's personally my favorite. - PhiLam64

From this months Australian Guitar Magazine: People might think that such fidgety gear wouldn’t be sturdy and hardwearing on the road – is that a misconception?

MB: Absolutely. There’s the guitar that I call “Santa”, which Hugh calls The Glitterati – it’s the red glittery one with the Kaoss Pad in, which I use on really heavy tracks like ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ and stuff. The last few months I’ve been throwing that guitar in the air, not necessarily trying to smash it, but I’ve certainly thrown it round. I’ve thrown it against the amp. I’ve thrown it into Dom [Howard]‘s drumkit. It’s landed on its neck, on it’s side, it’s gone all over the place and the Kaoss Pad has not been affected at all. It’s got a couple of chips on the woodwork, but generally I think they’re pretty strong. --Guitarcam--


in which show this guitar is been trown from the tower?
a line about the death should be written in the page--Martino 11:29, 23 October 2010 (BST)

It wasn't thrown, it got pulled off by the curtain. It was at the Los Angeles Staples Center gig on the 26th--Guitarcam

This is the best video on YT, that I could find of the Glitterati death: Curtains fall down at 0:19. But at Matt's tower the curtain catches on Matt's guitar rack and is then is pulled down by the weight of curtain (or stage worker) at 0:54. Someone should really write few words about this on page now :) IIIAliAsIII 10:39, 24 October 2010 (BST)

Glitterati's whereabouts

Considering that she has died, where is she? M1D1 is , as we know,at its birth place, but will Glitterati join her sibling at Mansons? Anyone? RIP Glitterati --SC-1 19:34, 12 November 2010 (GMT)

Hugh has said that he would be receiving the guitar when Muse finish the USA tour to see if it can be fixed, and if not, it will go on display next to to M1D1. Seeing as the USA tour finished around two weeks ago and the guitar is not yet on display, I'd say there's a good chance that its actually in the process of being fixed by Hugh or Tim. Guitarcam

I have emailed Tim Stark to find this out and will post the reply here first. --SC-1 20:44, 15 November 2010 (GMT)