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Songs used for

Answering to users ThePluggedInBaby quote: 'According to this: Bilbao -, the M1D1 Mirror was used for Assassin. I couldn't find any video for it, so I'm only going on what I see.'

It is highly unlikely that it was used for Assassin. The person who wrote that, also wrote it was used for B&H wich is again mostly unlikely. M1D1 Mirror can be easly mistaken with the Manson Mirror because they both have mirror finish. And if we caryfully analyse setlist... 3. song was MOTP wich was usualy played with M1D1 Mirror in drop-C. But the two next songs (4. and 5.) are in drop-D. So it would be easier to switch the guitar for Matt than tune it. And at that time, He usually used Mirror for B&H and Assassin. Despite the 6. song New born wich is also in drop-D > Shepherds Bush was the last time where Matt used Manson Mirror for NB. M1D1 Mirror (and sometimes Glitterati) was used on next gigs until he smashed it.
So I'll rather remove Assassin from the list until someone proves it with a video. And one more thing... In the current setlist Manson Mirror isn't mentioned even one single time - Even for PIB !!! Which is not just probably but definately wrong! So this just confirms my theory about not recognising the guitar. --IIIAliAsIII 10:36, 15 August 2011 (BST)

Ah thanks :) I wasn't sure, and I thought the guitars used for that gig was a little suspicious... --ThePluggedInBaby 11:00, 15 August 2011 (BST)