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Update I have found my photos from this event and one contains the full setlist, I have updated the main page with the official info and I will upload this picture (its also a good shot of matt dom and chris performing) to the wiki in a day or so for referencing and drooling over :P

sounds good to me :P lucky bastard --Wilfio 15:34, 21 May 2008 (BST)

This gig was great - I was there and can shed more light on some of it. The support band was a local Devon band called "Tyler". Tracks included MM, Showbiz, Plug in baby, and Agitated. At the beginning of the encore, while chris was "taking a piss" Matt and Dom jammed the Rage against the machine track "Freedom", including the shrieking vocals, which I have not seen or heard them do since. Chris was hanging around at the bar before Tyler and was very friendly. The venue is only 300 capacity, this gig was set up as a secret or warm-up gig, however It was publicized locally on the Radio and I believe in the paper too once word got out.

I have lots of good photos from this gig and will dig them up and add the best one to the wiki in the near future.

Hope this info is useful. If you want more info or anything you can talk to me on this page.


Found a listing for the ticket on ebay at this link:

in case anyone was interested.

Thank you, old info is always appreciated. --Tene 17:20, 20 May 2008 (BST)