Status Keyboard Bass

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Status Keyboard Bass
Wolstenholme using the new bass
Status/Keyboard Bass
Manufacturer Status/Unknown
Used 2018-10-02
Body type
Neck joint Woven graphite neck with LEDs
Body covering Matte Lacquer
Bridge Headless mono-rail bridge / tuners
Electronics Master volume, pickup blend control (likely)
Pickup(s) 2 Status soap-bar pickups (likely)
Special circuits Top half is a headless Status bass, bottom half has an enclosure for a keyboard with it built in

Information & Background

Chris's new bass which is used for bass synth elements on certain songs from Simulation Theory. The bass is a modified Status headless bass, with a special enclosure extension below the bass part, housing a (presumably) MIDI keyboard. It first appeared in October 2018 and was used for Something Human.

Since 2019 the bass has mainly only been used for Propaganda live since Something Human was dropped from the setlists. However, it was used for the performances of The Void that year as well, though the song was played just 3 times all tour so this was rare.


Songs used for

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