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Muse song
Name Small Minded
Album/single -
Length Unknown
Alternative titles -
First live performance February 1994
Latest live performance Unknown
Recorded 1994
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer -



Small Minded was the first song Bellamy composed and then recorded with Dom as duo. It included some piano parts,[1] and was played by Muse, under the name Rocket Baby Dolls, during a battle of the bands contest.[2]. Matt gave the cassette demo of the recording of the song to Chris to convince him to join the band. By the time of the MuseChat in November 2006, Bellamy couldn't recall the lyrics, nor what the lyrics were about.[1]

Matt said in 2000, later compiled in a interview of the 2007: "It was about the attitudes of people on our town, We didn't approve of this." "We were sick of drinking cider and being beaten up," added Dom.[3]


Small Minded was performed live at the band's first performance. It is likely it was performed at the second performance the following month as well, though this cannot be confirmed. The next performances were several months away and Small Minded was not performed at the November Battle of the Bands performance. It is likely that Small Minded was not continued into 1995 was performed less than five times.

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