Teignmouth Broadmeadow Sports Centre 1994 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Broadmeadow Sports Centre[1] (Battle of the Bands[2])
Date February 1994[1][2]
Location Teignmouth[source?]
Country United Kingdom
Songs 6[3]
Support Unknown
Start (UTC) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown

This was the band's first gig and their only one as Rocket Baby Dolls.[4][2] This was a battle of the bands contest.[2]. Matthew Bellamy didn't think that they were going to win the competition, though they did.[5] He thought this was due to a combination of them being the only band unable to play music properly,[5] the competition not being taken seriously, as well as the band taking the "piss" out of it.[6] Additionally, he attributed it to their passion of their performance—earlier, he said that winning despite their inferior music playing skill made them start believing what people look for in music is not necessarily technical, but emotional.[4]

At the time, the band liaised with a group of three girls, who co-wrote the original music the band played.[5] Before the gig, these girls dressed the band's members up as well as applying makeup on them.[5] Additionally, the band's members organised their friends to come in during the performance to invade the stage.[6] At the end of their performance, Bellamy started smashing the equipment they were using, which didn't belong to any of the band's members.[6] As a result, a security guard pulled him off stage, only for him to escape the guard's grasp and continue.

Along with a cover of Nirvana's "tourette's", the band played various grunge songs composed for the competition. Matthew Bellamy later described their look as like The Cure but their sound as like Rush.[6] Dominic Howard later said that, as a result of this experience, they came to think writing their own music was enjoyable and so they started working harder with their own music.[6]

When the band was announced the winner of the competition, members of the audience booed and shouted "fix", which Bellamy later thought was due to the Rocket Baby Dolls being the only band that couldn't play music properly.[5]



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