Roland PK-5 Dynamic Foot Pedal

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Roland PK-5

The Roland PK-5 Dynamic Foot Pedal is a 13-note MIDI pedal keyboard, made and distributed by the Roland Corporation.

It spans the chromatic range of an entire octave and can be played via four separate performance modes: bass, poly, drums and SFX. The pedal offers 13 different levels of velocity sensitivity and a transpose function over the a nine-octave range. The pedal also allowed for the presets to be stored internally.

The PK-5 was used by Wolstenholme during the Absolution era on tour, for triggering and playing MIDI synth pads and other various bits while simulatneously playing the bass guitar. The PK-5 was a replacement for the Moog Taurus 1 Bass Pedal Synthesizer.

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