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Dunlop Plectra
Muse's Plectra

Matthew Bellamy uses yellow Dunlop Tortex .73 with the Muse logo printed on it.

Christopher Wolstenholme uses a plectrum through the first chorus of Invincible, Knights of Cydonia (for the verses, just until the breakdown part), Map of the Problematique (early for the whole song, now only for the intro), occasionally in Stockholm Syndrome, all of Assassin, some performances of Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) and Resistance. He used to use black Dunlop Jazz III picks, but has switched over to Bellamy's Tortex .73's, first used on the performance of Stockholm Syndrome.

Since the Drones tour Chris has used a pick on the solo and bride of The Handler. Chris also uses a pick on Algorithm.

Chris and Matt both have clips on their mic stands holding their picks.
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