Pemberton Valley 2017 (gig)

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Official poster of the festival
Cancelled Muse show
Venue Pemberton Valley (Pemberton Music Festival)[1]
Date 13th-14th July 2017[1]
Location Pemberton, BC[2]
Country Canada
Songs /
Support /
Start /
Capacity 35,000
Price (CAN) N/A
Sold out? /

A festival show that was in between the North American Summer Amphitheatre Tour.


Confirmed by the band and the festival on April 28th, 2017, Muse were going to be one of the headliners of the festival. Unfortunately, on May 18th, the organisers had to cancel the whole festival.[3]

This was supposed to be the band's first gig in the village of Pemberton, but not in the British Columbia province, since Muse has done plenty of concerts in Vancouver (the last being in late 2015).


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