Paris Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy 2006 - 15th (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy[1][source?]
Date 15th December 2006[1]
Location Paris[1]
Country France
Songs 19[2]
Support Razorlight[1]
Start (UTC+1) 20:00[3]
Capacity 17,000 (max seated)[4]
Price (EUR) 41.00[3]
Sold out? No[source?]

The trumpeter was present to play Knights of Cydonia and City of Delusion.[2] Extra drumming was used during the interlude of Citizen Erased where there are usually just cymbals and part of the vocals during said interlude made a return.[5]


During Knights of Cydonia Bellamy "Come on Paris" during Knights of Cydonia.
After The Space Dementia outro "Bonsoir Bercy, how are you going?"
After Starlight "Merci".
After Butterflies & Hurricanes Howard "Merci beaucoup".
After Map of the Problematique "Merci ... Thank you very much. For this next song we have a special guest on a trumpet. This is Dan over here playing the trumpet"
After Citizen Erased Bellamy "Merci [?] [something in french...]".
Before Soldier's poem Howard "Pour cette chanson, gardez vos briquets et portables dehors" and then "Don't laugh" [to Bellamy or to the crowd].
After Supermassive Black Hole "Merci beaucoup very much"
Before Muscle Museum "Merci Paris..[?] [something in English...]".
After Take a Bow Bellamy "Merci Paris we love you".
Howard "Merci beaucoup Paris, you're the fucking best in the world, you always have been. See you next year, cheers".


Knights of Cydonia was played on Happy Rock Hours live at 21:00.[2] A recording of this is available here.

'SOUSOUS' recorded this concert with an OKMIIR and a Sony MZ-RH1.[6] He released Hysteria, Invincible, Bliss and Take a Bow initially in mp3 format to the boards. A lossless copy in FLAC format was later released to Dime, this can be found here



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