Cannes Palais des Festivals 2018 (gig)

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Gig Announcement
Matt and Chris at NRJ Music Awards 2018
After the show with the award
Muse show
Venue Palais des Festivals [en: Palace of Festivals] (NRJ Music Awards)
Date 10th November 2018
Location Cannes
Country France
Songs 1
Support Dua Lipa, Jennifer
Start (UTC+2) 21:00
Capacity 2.300
Sold out? Unknown

First show after the release of Simulation Theory. Part of the Simulation Theory Promo Shows.


The NRJ Music Awards celebrated their 20th anniversary, with Muse as one of their most prestigious guests. The show was broadcasted by the french TV TF1.

They soundchecked Something Human before the performance.

Something Human was half-mimed (only vocals were sung) and shortened. After they played it, they received a "Honor Award", for their whole career.

This was the only time on the tour Dom used a very minimalised DW drum set.


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