Music by Sergei Rachmaninov

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This is a list of music written by the Russian composer Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninov which Matthew Bellamy has played segments of during Muse concerts.

Opus 3: Morceaux de Fantaisie (1892)

A series of five preludes.

Part 2: Prelude in C sharp minor

This was played as an introduction to Screenager during 2001. It can be heard on disc two of Hullabaloo.

Opus 18: Piano Concerto № 2 in C minor (1901)

One of the most well known of Rachmaninov's works. The first piece is the signature one, the second more mellow and the third has a faster tempo and a more fantasy-esque theme.

Part 2: Adagio sostenuto

This piece has been played as an interlude before Sunburn, on at least the 2003 tour.

Unknown part

Explorers' intro bears a strong-resemblance to this piece. It seems as if this piece was just transposed from C minor to its parallel key, C major.

Opus 23: Preludes (1903)

A series of ten miscellanious preludes.

Part 2: Prelude in B flat (Maestoso)

This was played as an instrumental outro to Screenager on the 2002 tour. Unlike the rest of the preludes in this set, it was written two years earlier, in 1901.

Part 5: Prelude in G minor (Alla marcia)

Performed by Matthew Bellamy as part of a two part introduction to Screenager on the 2002 tour. The second part of the introduction was what later became the piano mid-section of Butterflies & Hurricanes.

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