Muse Mixes (promotional compilation)

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Muse promotional compilation
Name Muse Mixes (JULY 1998 WORK IN PROGRESS)
Tracks 5
Total length Unknown
Recorded 1998
Writer/composer Matthew Bellamy
Producer Muse
Art work Unknown
Publisher Sawmills Studio
Format(s) CD-R
Release date July 1998
promotional compilation chronology
SBN Session

Also known as "JULY 1998 WORK IN PROGRESS", this CD-R was a promo recorded in 1998 during the recording sessions of the Muscle Museum EP. (Muscle Museum)#2, the reprise on the EP, is used as an intro in Muscle Museum. All the tracks on the CD are unmastered. It was recorded at the Sawmills recording studio.

Track list

  1. Muscle Museum (Full Lenght)
  2. Sober
  3. Uno
  4. Unintended[note 1]
  5. Instant Messenger


  1. Unintended was untitled on the promo.

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