Melbourne Rod Laver Arena 2007 (gig)

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Seated tickets for the concert
Set list
Muse show
Venue Rod Laver Arena[1][2]
Date 15th November 2007[1][2]
Location Melbourne, VI[1]
Country Australia
Songs 17[source?]
Support The Checks[1]
Start (UTC+10) 19:30[2]
Capacity Unknown
Price (AUD) 83.20 (silver)[2] 94.20 (gold)[source?]
Sold out? Yes (gold), no (silver)[source?]

Ashamed, Ruled by Secrecy and Micro Cuts (which was played in a different pick stroking order) were played during the sound-check.[source?] Muse had intended to play Ruled by Secrecy but apparently, due to technical problems with the keyboard, Apocalypse Please had to be played instead. For a few seconds before the latter, green projections used for the former appeared on the screens, changing quickly to Apocalypse Please ones.

Silver tickets appear to have been a marketing term for tickets for the upper area and gold for those in the lower area of seating.[2] The concert was sponsored by 'Lees and West',[2] 'Triple J' [2] and 'Video Hits'.[2]


Before Soldier's Poem, Dom stood up with his mic and asked everyone to take out their lighters and mobile phones during the song.

Bellamy played Soldier's Poem on an acoustic guitar.

During Plug in Baby around half the balloons were significantly smaller than the normal size for some reason so they were bouncing around much faster than normal, but there was one that was extremely small (just over the size of a basketball) and it made it's way on the small runway sticking out of the center of the stage. And when Matt starts singing the chorus he sees it and how pathetically small it is, just after the lyric "When I'm tired of giving," he looks around to Dom points and says "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?" and continues singing. After he finishes singing the chorus Bellamy plays and goes over to center stage (where the balloon is) but turns to Dom first and while he turns one of the security staff grabs it from the stage, Bellamy turn around and went to kick the balloon back to the crowd but it wasn't there so he returned to his side of the stage. A video of this can be seen here Video 1 and here Video 2. Video 1 is situated on the left side of the arena in the seated area with a better view but lower quality audio. Video 2 is in the general admission area (mosh) and has better sound.



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