Manson Alloy7 String

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Manson Alloy 7 String
Manson Alloy 7 String
Manufacturer Manson Guitars
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on
Body covering Alloy top with silver painted back and sides
Wood Body: Currently Unknown
Neck: Birds Eye Maple
Fingerboard: rosewood (22 frets)
Bridge 7 String Titanium Floyd Rose
Electronics Three-way toggle pickup selector
Pickup(s) Neck: Sustaniac Pickup
Bridge: Custom 7 string Manson MBK-2)
Special circuits Unknown


This is a new guitar that appeared on the "Making of" DVD for The 2nd Law, recording Supremacy. Matt wanted a 7 string Mattocaster guitar with an alloy top. During this point, he didn't specify a specific weight so the guitar was built without weight as a consideration (his later guitars used for tours were requested to match a certain weight).

This was one of six Manson guitars created by Hugh Manson for Bellamy in 2012. This guitar has no Kaoss pad controller and does not seem to have any additional electronics, which is a departure from Matt's Resistance-era guitars. It is also the first 7 string that Matt has custom ordered from Manson (the 7 String E guitar was originally not built for him, and the Black 7 String appears to have been delivered afterwards).

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