Landgraaf Megaland 2004 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Megaland[source?] (Pinkpop Festival[source?]—Zuidpodium[source?])
Date 31st May 2004[source?]
Location Landgraaf, LI[source?]
Country Netherlands
Songs 17[source?]
Support Lenny Kravitz[source?]
Start (UTC+2) 21:15[source?]
Capacity 50,000[source?]
Price (EUR) 95.00 (three days ticket)[source?]
Sold out? Unknown

Matthew Bellamy did not do the tap solo during The Small Print, unlike later performances.


After The Small Print Bellamy "Thank you very much".
Before Sing for Absolution Howard "It's good to be back".


Every song apart from Hysteria and Sunburn was broadcast, all of which can be found on YouTube (albeit Hysteria and Sunburn can also be found on YouTube). The Small Print, Sing for Absolution, Ruled by Secrecy and Time Is Running Out were included on the Netherlands' Sing for Absolution CD3.

An interview of this gig can be watched here.


  1. Hysteria
    (Manson Bomber, Pedulla)
  2. New Born [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Pedulla, Kawai MP9500)
  3. The Small Print [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Pedulla)
  4. Sing for Absolution [watch]
    (Manson 007, blue Fender Jazz Bass)
  5. Muscle Museum + riff [watch]
    (Manson Bomber, Pedulla)
  6. Citizen Erased [watch]
    (Manson 7 String E Guitar, Pedulla, Kawai MP9500)
  7. Take a Bow (instrumental)
    (Kawai MP9500)
  8. Space Dementia [watch]
    (Kawai MP9500, Pedulla)
  9. Ruled by Secrecy [watch]
    (Kawai MP9500, Pedulla)
  10. Piano interlude + Sunburn [watch]
    (Kawai MP9500, Pedulla)
  11. Butterflies & Hurricanes [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Pedulla, Kawai MP9500)
  12. Bliss [watch]
    (Manson Bomber, Pedulla)
  13. Time Is Running Out [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Pedulla)
  14. Plug In Baby [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, red Pedulla Rapture RB5)
  15. Apocalypse Please [watch]
    (Kawai MP9500, Pedulla)
  16. Blackout [watch]
    (Manson Delorean, Pedulla)
  17. Stockholm Syndrome + riff[which?] + Execution Commentary riff + Psycho riff [watch]
    (Manson 007, black Pedulla Rapture RB5)

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