Yuzawa-machi Naeba Ski Resort 2002 (gig)

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Fuji Rock Festival 2002 poster
Muse show
Venue Naeba Ski Resort (Fuji Rock Festival[1])
Date 26th July 2002[1]
Location Naeba, Yuzawa-machi
Country Japan
Songs 14
Support Unknown
Start (UTC+9) Unknown
Capacity ~30,000
Price Unknown
Sold out? No


The band's clothing was predominantly black. Bellamy wore black jeans and a black shirt. Dominic Howard wore a black short sleeved t-shirt with red rings around ends of the arms. Christopher Wolstenholme wore a black t-shirt with a logo along with blue jeans.


Before New Born Bellamy "Konnichiwa Fuji".
After The Small Print "Thank you".
After Dead Star
After Citizen Erased "Arigato".
After Apocalypse Please "Thank you very much".
After Sunburn Howard "Arigato ... Now it's time for dodgy cover".
After Can't Take My Eyes Off You Bellamy "Thank you".
After Stockholm Syndrome "Cheers"
After Plug In Baby "Arigato Fuji Rock. Thank you very much for coming".
Howard "Cheers".
Bellamy "On the Dom, uh, on the fucking Dom—"
Howard [laughs] "On the Doms".
Bellamy "—On the drums we have Dominic Howard!"
Howard "Yeah...yeah".
Bellamy "On the bass, we have Chris Wolstenamanaa".
Howard "And this crazy motherfucker is Matt Bellamy. It's rough weather so cheers for hangin' about".
Bellamy "Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is our last song, this song is called Bliss. See you next year".
Howard "Cheers, take care".
After Bliss Bellamy "Arigato. thank you very much".


At least New Born, Dead Star, Muscle Museum and Plug In Baby were broadcast on television. These songs are available in mpg format here[broken link]. An audience audio recording is available here[broken link].

You can listen the gig here [1]


Matthew Bellamy made several mistakes towards the end of Apocalypse Please, after which he gave up and simply hit random keys.

An early version of Thoughts of a Dying Atheist was soundchecked before the show. You can watch it here.



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