Helsinki Nosturi 2002 (gig)

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Ticket of the gig
Muse show
Venue Nosturi [en: Crane]
Date 14th April 2002
Location Helsinki, ES
Country Finland
Songs 15
Support Unknown
Start (UTC+3) Unknown
Capacity Unknown
Price Unknown
Sold out? Unknown


On the set list, Hysteria was included as "I Want You Now".[source?] This is also the first recorded performance of Hysteria to date.


Before Space Dementia Bellamy "He-he-hey!"
After Space Dementia "Thank you! Hello, Finland"
After Hysteria "Cheers"
After New Born "Thank you, cheers!"
After Citizen Erased "Thank you, cheers, yeah!"
After Megalomania "Thank you"
After Feeling Good "Cheers"
After In Your World "Cheers, thank you!"
After Hyper Music "Cheers!"
After Plug in Baby "Cheers, thank you very much! Thank you, Helsinki"
Before Bliss "This is our last song now, thank you very much for coming, I think that we're coming back (???) so, see you then. This song is called Bliss, take it easy, cheers!"


You can listen the gig here [1]


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