Dublin Point Theatre 2006 (gig)

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Muse show
Venue Point Theatre[source?]
Date 3rd November 2006[source?]
Location Dublin[source?]
Country Ireland
Songs 19[1]
Support The Noisettes[2]
Start (UTC) Unknown, 19:00[3] (doors)
Capacity 8,500 (max seated)[source?]
Price (EUR) 43.70 (standing) – 49.25[3][source?]
Sold out? Yes (standing), no (others)[source?]

Ticket pre-sale was from July 20th 09:00 to July 21st 08:00 from Ticket Master Ireland. General sale was from 21st July 09:00. Promoted by MCD PRODUCTIONS and RTÉ 2fm. Under 16s must have been accompanied by someone 21+.[3]

The set list was again sent via SMS throughout the show by members of the Muse.mu forums, this time from 'Stephie' to 'Max'.[4] However, this time said set list updates were posted to Muse Syndrome.[1]


After Butterflies & Hurricanes Bellamy "Cheers".


YouTube demuxed audio rips can be found here. YouTube demuxed video rips can be found here.


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