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This page contains a list of all known performances of Dracula Mountain, originally performed by Lightning Bolt. If you believe you own the recording of a performance on this list, please consider including it in the Uno Live Database performance preservation project (email : UnoLiveDatabase@gmail.com).

The 2nd Law era


# Date Venue Location Link
21 2013-07-19 Brann Stadion Bergen, Norway

Black Holes and Revelations era


NOTE: the following performance requires further proof of its existence.

# Date Venue Location Link
1 2006-07-28 State Theater Detroit, USA

Absolution era


# Date Venue Location Link
5 2005-04-28 Manchester Field Kent, OH, USA
4 2005-04-19 Jorgensen Auditorium Mansfield, CT, USA
3 2005-04-13 Disco Rodeo Raleigh, NC, USA
2 2005-04-12 Dale F. Halton Arena Charlotte, NC, USA
1 2005-04-10 Tabernacle Atlanta, GA, USA