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Lightning Bolt playing live

Lightning Bolt is a noise rock duo from Providence (Rhode Island, USA). The members are Brian Chippendale as drummer and vocalist and Brian Gibson as bassist.

Muse have covered live the Lightning Bolt song Dracula Mountain. The first time was at Earls Court, 19th December 2004, but Muse also played it a few times during their 2005 North America Tour.

Muse mentions

Muse (Bellamy most of times) have mentioned Lightning Bolt as one of their favourites bands, and as an influence to them. Here are some examples:

  • In a June 2005 interview with Keyboard Magazine, when Bellamy was asked about what was he listening at the moment, he said "I’m into a little bit of skronk, like Lightning Bolt; skronk is kind of noise-punk. To me, the drummer of Lightning Bolt is one of the best drummers in the world; he’s like the lead. Bass and drums, that’s all it is. Very experimental."[1]
  • In a June 2006 interview with Howard, he mentioned Lightning Bolt among others as inspirations for Muse whilst in the studio. [2]
  • In a July 2006 interview with Bellamy, he said that he has "been influenced by an American band called Lightning Bolt. It’s like a two-piece kind of thing, and they manage to get an extremely powerful sound out of just bass and drums".[3]
  • Bellamy mentioned Lightning Bolt in an interview as one of the two piece bands he likes, in September 2006. The interview can be seen here.
  • In a interview with Rock Mag in May 2007, Bellamy mentioned Lightning Bolt as one of their latest album purchases.[4]
  • In a compilation that came free with NME magazine in June 2007, that was composed of tracks chosen by Muse, the song Magic Mountain by Lightning Bolt was included.


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